September 28, 2020

’66 Disc and Music article by Pete Townshend

Pete’s thoughts on the current records of the time.

CAN’T see why the SMALL FACES rate theirs ["All Or Nothing"] so highly, though it is good. Maybe they think it’s a progressive step but their first record was much stronger.


LEE DORSEY’s ["Working In The Coal Mine"] is great but I d prefer to see his ‘Ride Your Pony" in the chart instead. CLIFF BENNETT’s ["Got To Get You Into My Life"] is terrific —so suited to him it would have been stupid not to do it. Idea of SONNY AND CHER’s ["Little Man"] reminded me a lot of "I’m A Boy"—but I don’t like theirs as much. Don’t like the SUPREMES’ ["You Can’t Hurry Love"] as much as their other stuff—particularly as it might hold us from a high spot in the chart!


MINDBENDERS’ ["Ashes To Ashes"] is so nothing I can’t remember it. And the SEEKERS’ ["Walk With Me"] is terrible. JNR. WALKER’s ["How Sweet Is Is"] is a good version but I still like Marvin Gaye’s better. So is WILSON PICKETTs ["Land of 1,000 Dances"]—but I don’t know why all this stuff is getting in. We used to do this sort of number thousands of years ago.


I think OTIS REDDING’s ["I Can’t Turn You Loose"] is probably the worst record in the chart. But ZOOT MONEY’s ["Big Time Operator"] is a very nice record—deserved to be very high.


NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND’S ["Winchester Cathedral"] is rubbish. The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band are much better. LOS BRAVOS’ ["I Don’t Care"] is not as good as their first one ["Black Is Black"]— and their first one was rubbish.


SANDIE SHAW’s ["Run"] is nothing like her old stuff. And I hate DAVE DEE’s ["Bend It"]—I think they’ve only done it as a way to do their old – fashioned stage routine.


It annoys me when people like BILLY STEWART ["Summertime"] can’t get a hit without an old standard.


As for our own record, I’m glad to see it’s moved. We were all very worried about it.