October 1, 2020

’66 Disc and Music Interview with Pete Townshend

A lightweight interview with Pete where he discusses things like "favorite color" and "favorite food".

REAL  NAME:  Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend.

AGE: 21.

BORN: May 19, 1945, at Chiswick.

EDUCATED: Acton County Grammar—then Eating Art College.

FAMILY: Mother, father, two brothers — both younger — Paul (10) and Simon (6). Peter, Paul and Simon, see!

HOME: Small bachelor flat in Wardour Street.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Good French food. I’ve just developed a taste for seafood— oysters. Never had the guts to eat them before. I like to think I am getting a well-:balanced diet. I try and eat out somewhere at least once a day—the best restaurants in either Chelsea or Soho. One good meal a day—and it’s got to be good. I always take someone with me and spend about £5. I also like home-cooking. Had a kitchen fitted specially.


FAVOURITE DRINK: Champagne cocktails. I like both champagne and brandy. I can drink practically any drink. Oh, I hate people who say that!

PETS: None. Got quite a few blowflies in my flat. They’ve laid some nice little eggs for next year. They’re also easy to kill at this time of the year!

AMBITION: To run a very good recording studio which would allow record producers to take complete and utter control. I’d organise an educational two weeks so’s they could learn. It would be expensive—but worth it for ambitious record producers. I’d also like to write operettas and musicals.

RECORDS: At the moment, the Spencer Davis single. Hated their last one, though. And "Good Vibrations." Heard it 80 times—but only just begun to like it. Also Darin’s latest. Fantastic! Everyone’s very pleased about it. I’d be interested to hear what the Four Tops do onstage. A joker record that. Someone’s always playing a wrong note.

FEARS: Don’t worry about much. I don’t like being without money—but then I have been without money. Not afraid of much. Not even old age. I can see myself always having something to occupy my mind. I’d like to see the conquest of Outer Space in my life. It’d calm my mind a bit.

MARRIAGE: All against it. Pop stars who get married are ******* idiots. Making money and trying to be more than one thing.

HOBBIES: Recording. Cooking—I can’t wait to do this recipe thing in your paper! I’ll need a whole page!

POLITICS: When I was at art school I was a sort of Communist. Now I’m really nothing. I wish the Tories would come back. People with money—like me!—need a Tory government.

SMOKES:  Don’t. Although I have smoked on and off. Sometimes a pipe for a joke.

RELIGION: Not really had one. Even as a kid I was sceptical. Only had my prayers answered a couple of times. And that was probably out of coincidence. I think children should have religion. But then childhood’s only a dream anyway. People shouldn’t worry too much about how life started. They should be content. And luck/ they’re not a grain of dust on somewhere like Venus.

DRESS: Soberly. Don’t like wild dress. I prefer dark colours and dress to conform to the occasion. Going out somewhere to eat I always have a collar and tie and sober suit. Then something lairy. Hate to think people are looking at me for any other reason than they recognise me.

LIKES: This time of the year. It’s neither one thing nor the other. You never know whether you feel flu-y or unhappy or what. But it always leads to getting something done. Like Fireworks Night. Great. We had ours onstage at Saarbrucken. Happenings supreme it was! Rockets and smoke and everything.

DISLIKES: Going away from England for too long. If it’s longer than seven days I can’t work. I haven’t got all the things I depend on around me. I’m a materialist. I need these things to carry on. Can’t always get on with foreign people!