September 19, 2020

’66 Pop ThinkIn interview with Keith Moon

Lightweight Keith Moon interview where he discusses everything from "My Generation" to "The Cream" and Walt Disney to Plaster.

My Generation:

"It’s an old song. We finish off our act with it. It was my favorite record until ‘I’m A Boy’. To me it just means number 92 buses back to Ealing. We could just about afford bus fares in those days. I’ll never know why people used to think we had a load of money."



"I used to sell it with Ray Tolliday. Regards to Mr. Gibson and the good ship gypsum. That’s the rock plaster comes from, I think. Very interesting. It was about three years ago – I wasn’t in The Who then."


The Cream:

"Great. I don’t know too much about Eric Clapton’s playing but he’s a nice geezer. I haven’t heard any of their records. We’ve done a few concerts with them and they didn’t really do anything for me, but that was some time ago."


Walt Disney:

"Mickey Mouse. I think Mickey Mouse is one of the greatest, and probably one of the first, pop art things. I hope nobody ever got on the wrong side of Walt Disney. It would be horrible to be haunted by a mouse!"


Shepherd’s Bush:

"Talkin’ ‘baht me area, ain’t ya? We’ll get down to brass tacks now. I don’t think anybody in The Who actually ever lived in Shepherd’s Bush. Whenever we had the bus fare we’d get as far away from the place as possible. You realize I’ll never be able to walk down the street again now! I just hope we never have to play the Goldhawk Club again."


Pete Townshend:

"One of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I don’t know if he reads the music papers or not. I just hope we continue to have many happy years of creating wonderful mind-blowers for our dearly beloved audiences."



"Dearly beloved audiences. I think we’re all fans, really!"


Ready Steady GO!:

"I liked the atmosphere – it’s very free and easy. Special thanks to the woman in the canteen who gave us our tea free. I suppose they come and they go. It’ll certainly leave a gap between 6.30 and 7pm on a Friday, but I won’t be mourning."


Psychedelic Music:

"Ah, I’ve got a great Gracie Fields record here, as it happens. You’ll dig this, man! I think that people like Doris Day started it all off and it’s just escalated from there."



"A cloak which is supposed to give the wearer outstanding physical properties. Not a groovy mind-blower."


Andrew Oldham:

"We had a jaunt with Andrew to New York. We kept it a secret because we didn’t want all the fans waiting for Andrew at the airport and not us!"


The Beach Boys:

"I used to think they were the best group in the world. I don’t like their new stuff at all. Old stuff like ‘In My Room’, great. ‘Chromium Plated, Fast, Singing, Zinging Little Honda’, that was a great tune!


The Small Faces:

"Big thinkers."



"Great. The final act."


Traffic Wardens:

"The scum of the West End. I’m sure a lot of them go down to the clubs on their nights off!"



"Good. I think you need a certain amount, to buy your basic needs. And the rest, spend it like dust!"