September 21, 2020

’67 Beat Instrumental quick interview with Pete Townshend

A very short interview with Pete, discussing his new opera


"I believe that a song should be judged by the way it is basically written, not by the recording techniques behind it. In the States we may record another opera. This may well have full orchestra on it as I have written a fugue into it. The opera would last a good 20—30 minutes so I don’t know if we could use it on the next LP. It would take up too much of the record and it would mean that we’d have to skip some very good material which we wanted to use.


"We could always do an "Aftermath" I suppose. The Stones crammed extra tracks on that. The overall volume was a little lower but the definition didn’t suffer, there was a very good bass sound. You can’t put too much on because on most auto-change record-players the pickup arm would reject before the end of the last track. Still, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use the extra inch of run-out track,"



I asked Pete if this was the same opera that he told BJ about, the one to which he was writing ail the music himself. "No", said Pete. "That’s completely finished, but I am taking some of the better parts out of it. It was merely an exercise. I wanted to learn to write the scores for other instruments beside guitars so that when the time came to write film music I wouldn’t have the hang-up of employing a writer to translate my ideas into music. Now, I won’t need to. The exercise was a success."