May 10, 2021


Moon the Loon

Same book, different covers & titles. On the left is the original UK version, on the right is the US version.
A biography of Keith Moon written by "Dougal" Butler, Keith’s long suffering personal assistant. 
Although a popular book among Who fans when it was released, it is now widely believed to be a somewhat
sensationalized account of Moon’s life. Butler himself has disowned it saying that its publisher controlled much
of the content. (Butler has since written, and self-published, a more genuine account of his years with Moon.)
See Tony Fletcher’s Moon bio for the definitive portrayal of Keith Moon’s life.


Year Author Size Pages Photos Publisher ISBN
1981 Dougal Butler 5.5 X 8.25 269 9 B/W Star (Uk) and Morrow Quill (US) 978-0352308054

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