May 10, 2021
Cover of Sotheby's - The John Entwistle Collection

Sotheby’s – The John Entwistle Collection

Not exactly a book about The Who but full of fascinating images and info nonetheless.
This is the catalog of stuff for sale from the estate of John Entwistle; mostly his guitar and bass collection. There is a brief description
of each item, most are pictured and some have comments revealing their connection to John and/or The Who. Some have quotes
by John as well. There are many bass guitars pictured that are instantly recognizable to many Who fans. The sale contained:
78 guitars, 52 silver/gold/platinum awards, dozens of brass instruments, drawings, jackets, watches, casts of sport fish,
3 old Detours posters from 1963 (each selling for 13,200-18,000 pounds!) and a handful of other pieces of art.
The total amount generated by the sale total was 1,093,372 pounds.

Year Author Size Pages Photos Publisher ISBN
2003 Sotheby's 16.5 x 22 cm 138 every page Sotheby's Catalog No. W03875

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