September 23, 2020

1968-01-06 – Shamokin News Dispatch

1968 01 06 Shamokin_News_Dispatch_Sat__Jan_6__1968_

"The greatest group in the The group‘s first tour in the “
'worid???“ said Peter Towns— 'L'SA started early in November
hend, lead guitarist of Britian‘s this year. and at the rate they
THE WHO. “Why, THE WHO, have been received it may last
01 course!” for a long time. 'Ihey’vealready

It was a remark made in jest made several 'I‘Vappearancesin-
to a YAT interviewer recently, eluding a stint on the Smother:
but it would probably find some Brothers show, as well as nu-
support among fans in England merous public concert dances.
and the United States who have “We‘ve alwayswanted to make
seen the unusual act of the four it in the States." said Peter.

“Now that we are making it, » v a
we‘re “€113! 800d-" THE WHO, England's most recent Pop stars, browse through pat

An Expensive Habit copies oi “Young America Today." L to rJohn Enhisfle. Keith
One of the things that has Moon, Peter Yownshend, and Roger Dolirey.

called much public attention to
the group in this countryistheir records. they'll just haw to lis- Keith Moon specializes in drums

unusual. and highly expensive. tento the songs." but also plays the bugle on oc-
‘ habit of smashing up their in- casions. Peter Townshend plays'
‘ struments duringaperformance. A MUSMU." Sound Group lead guitar. drums, piano, and
They've been known to com- The songsTiiEWiiO havere— cello.
pieteiydestroy an Implmeuui corded can withstand a good With this variety of instru-
tar. and drumsetailinonesonx. deal of close listening because. ments at their command. it is
"We don't really have areason unlike many popular groups to- no wonder this group has sky-
for it.” explained lead 51118" day. their work is musicaiiy rocketed to the top oithecharts.
Roger Daltrey. "It just sort of sound. Their recording of "I Can See
happens. Peter broke his guitar Although only Peter and John For Miles And Miles" is cur-
' one day by accident and the kids have had anyiormai instruction. ' rently in the top 10 in both Eng-
seemed to dig it so we kept it each member of the combo is an land and America. As is the
in the act." accomplished musician in his case so often. one record made
"The only drag.” Peterinter- own right. Roger Daltrey‘s main them an over night success.
“young America Today" 3",“. rupted."isthatunlesswesmash "instrument" is his voice. hut “We don‘t try to justify our
viewer Molly Roth gets fl... low- the gear up we don‘t get in the he also doubles on harmonica. bursting instruments,” said
HOf l d public eye, particularily in a anunderrated instrument which Peter. “butittookustive years
down °“ THE W rom ’° country as vast as America.We is beginning these days to re- to make it in England , , , we
""9" R09'" D°'*'°Y' just have to do it ifwe want to ceive its deserved amount of at« don't want to spend another
make fame quiekbxWejustgive tention. John Entwistie plays five making it in America."
London bachelors, Roger Dal- people a big show — they can bass guitar. French horn. tuba. It is obvious that they won’t
trey, John Entwistie, Keith dig the sound on records later. trumpet, tromoone. and almost need five years: they’ve made

Moon, and Peter Townshend. We can't smash up guitars on any other brass instrument. it already.


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