October 1, 2020

1968-01-12 – The Sydney Morning Herald

1968 01 12 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Fri__Jan_12__1968_


LONDON. Thursday. —— and Keith Moon, 20, on

“The Who" is the enig- the drums. ,

matic name of the latest Their latest hit is “I Can

British pop team to head See for Miles."

for Australia. Why “The Who"? Their
They leave London next [gadon maqagers offered

Tuesday by air and are due ”"3 explanation:

in Sydney next Thursday. “They’d been calling

"1‘ e Who" comprises themselves the High-
Roger Daltrey. 22, lead Numbers, but this was a
singer; Pete Townshend. 22. “nothing name," and they
lead guitarist; John Ent- were definitely ahappening
wintle, 21, bass guitarist; group.


“Lots of suggestions
were tossed around and
out, and they finally

settled on the craziest,
most way-out Idea.”

How much they will re-
ceive in Australia—where

their promoter is Mr
Kenn Brodziak—ia not

They MIL}. Khmer? it!
gidney on Jammy 21nd. .

‘ r