September 19, 2020

1968-03-08 – The Tampa Tribune

1968 03 08 The_Tampa_Tribune_Fri__Mar_8__1968_

Tribune Entertainment Editor

' On March 22 in Tampa and ‘

1 St. Petersburg, two pepular
! singing groups will be enter-
taining their respective au-
.diences. .'
In Tampa‘s Curtis Hixon !
' Hall, “The Who." starring
f Roger Daltrey, lead singer;
Pete Townshend, guitarist;
Keith Moon. drummer; and
John Entwhistle, bass. All
? four are from the same part
of London, a district known as
. Shepherds Bush.

In St. Petersburg at Bay-
i f rout Center. the Lovin’
Spoonful and Douglas Good
and Ginny Plenty will be per-
forming in a program spon-
sored by the Pinellas Associ-
ation for Retarded Children.

.40 p...»

Hit records by “The Who"
include “Anyway, Anyhow,
Anywhere," “My Gener-
ation,” “Substitute” and “I’m
a Boy.”
a5;1 In a different sty,le the

Lm 111 Spoonful include John

Sebastian of Greenwich Vil-
. lage Jerry Yester California
l Steve Boone native of North
Carolina Joe Butler.dr11m-l
mer, of Glen Cove Long 15- =