September 24, 2020

1968-03-20 – The Tampa Times

1968 03 20 The_Tampa_Times_Wed__Mar_20__1968_

Who, What, Where and Why

English group performs Friday in Tampa

Who are The Who? Or is it,
who IS The Who? One might
be tempted to say, who gives
a hoot (for phonetic reasons).
but a lot of their fans might
take exception.

Anyway, The Who is a
vocal group which ranks third
in the hearts of Englishmen,
teen-agers, and mad mods
who dig the new sounds in

Or so says their public rela-
tions representatives out in

Beverly Hills, Calif., and on
Madison Avenue, which aren't
bad addresses for your public
relations representatives to
have, by the way.

P eter Townshend (now,
really. just because he was

sent off to the continent by
the royal family after failing
to win Margaret’s hand in
matrimony, that is a bit
much) Roger Daltrey, Keith
Moon and John Entwhistle got

their big start by busting up
their musical instruments on

stage to the accompaniment
of shrieks of the girls.

They still go that route in
the colonies (meaning the
U.S.A.), but have knocked off
that kick in England. They
will demonstrate their smash-
ing instrument-smashing rou-
tine at Curtis Hixon Hall on

“The Who,” say their PR

THE TAMPA TIMES, Wednesday. Maren :0. 1m s-af

Instrument Smashing Scheduled Here Friday

folks, “became bored with the
current rock music scene and
d e v i s e d their instrument-
smashing routine for concert
performances, now one of the
most internationally famous

(and most copied) in all of

A narrow little book-marker

type flyer tells everyone to
“watch them destroy all $35,-
000 equipment.”

That may be a bit of exag-
geration, old man, but that is

. what the pop music business

is all about, anyway, so why
quibble over a few thousand
this way or that.

It’s the shrieks from the
birds that matter most. They
a n d their teen-aged boy
friends are the ones with all
the money these days. — BOB