September 24, 2020

1968-04-29 – The Capital

1968 04 29 The_Capital_Mon__Apr_29__1968_ 2

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Compased of Pete Townsend. Eu” ”35 ”91mm
fguitar; John Entwhisfle, bass:
. ZRoger Daltry, singer; and Keith; p»:

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. EThen everyone concentrated on
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_ _ -~~- ~,-- guitar to pieces. He then picked t
Entwhistle, acnngasananchor ‘50 one of the extra guitars.:

gfmflfigfiwgghéom at it and threw it inloE

just completely flying off. InEth“3 cde A perfecflv goodE
me of the last numbersfgm

Townsend excited the audience,
Ewhich expected him to break

EUP his equipment any W rows of the crowd went berserk
Eby staring at his amplifier; “7m; and started climbing on stageE

‘destmction in his eyes ' But} and fighting the police The WhoE
Ehe did nothing- E just quietly walked off stage. E

E Then came “My Generation- "
?This was it their last song!
;.After two verses the war
Ebetween The Who and their
Eeauipment was on. Townsend
Etock off his guitar and started

”'0" “0.... -'


For a moment there was just :
stunned silence- Then cheers’
went up- The stage was a
disaster area. The show was