September 21, 2020

1972-01-01 – The Courier Journal

1972 01 01 The_Courier_Journal

The Who’s got
the Midas touch

Twenty-six gold records is an
amazing number for anybody to earn
during an entire career in the music
business. But The Who, a group with
a long history of doing amazing
things, got that many at one time
recently in Hollywood. '

It was quite an occasion. A little
party was held in a penthouse high
above Sunset Strip in Hollywood with
Mama Cass. John Sebastian, Richie
Havens, Charlie Watts and Mr. and


Mrs. Mick Jagger among the guests.

The 26 gold discs were awarded the
group for sales around the world of
albums and singles. Peter Townshend,
Roger Daltry, Keith Moon and John
Entwhistle reportedly responded to
the tribute by engaging in a wrestling
match that lasted for five minutes.

Concurrent with the get-together,
Decca Records, the group‘s label,
announced that a new production
contract had been signed. The pres-
ident of the recording company an-
nounced that the “complex and
unique" deal would “include and
maintain the exclusive distribution
of all Who product. .

That may sound like a bit of over-
blown corporationese, but it could
mean a lot of money in Decca‘s
pocket because not only is the group
a steady producer of best-selling LPs
(it has two on the charts right now)
but the individual members are
starting to branch out as solo artists—
bass player John Entwhistle recently
issued an LP. “Bash Your Head
Against the Wall."

The chart LPs are “Who’s Next,"
which earned one of those gold
records, and is Billboard‘s Top LPs
chart at No. 37. and. at 29. the new
“Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy."

And newest of all is the single.
“Behind Blue Eyes," this week‘s
Tune In. Like most Who tunes, it is
written by the group’s presiding
genius, Peter Townshend, and if the
band's track record means anything,
it may add gold record No. 27 to that
stack they wrestled over.

—David DeJean

The Who: Roger Daltry, Keith Moon, John Entwhistle and Peter
Townshend, who composes most of the group‘ 3 music.


Words and music by Peter Townshend Tempo—moderate; key of E minor

111 6 CM?) A
Eo one knows what it' a like 6 to be the bad man: To 220%“, sad mun Be- hi‘id
No one knows what it’ a like to be ha- ted'; To be fa- ted to tell - ing on - 1y lice.But my
c o , G c o E a
dreamg. they aren t as ems - ty as my con - science seems to be. I have hom- urs on -ly
. Em C
lone - 1y, My love is Ven - geance that' s nev - er free. No one knows what it’ 3 like
D C60) A Em G D
these feel - ings( [)iike I do. And I blame you! No one bites back as hard on their 1111 - ger;
C6 9 A C D G
None of my pain and woe can show through. But my dreams, 1 they aren't as cmp - ty as my
C D E 3111 ' C D
con - science seems to be. I have hom - 1119 on - ly lone - 1y. My love is ven - gounce that's
- _AEBmAEBmAE 3111 A E Bm
inev - er free. . When my fist clen - ches. crack it op - on be - fore I use
6 ‘D Em A D Em A

it and lose my cool. When I smile. tell me some bad news he - fore I laugh and act like
E 8111 A E 8111 Ay E B G

a fool. If I swal - low an - - thing ev - il. put your fin Inger down my throat; And if!

am A 0 Em A E Em
shiv - er. please give me a blank - et; Keep me warm; Let me wear your coat. No one

G D C6(9) A
knows what it' 5 like to be the bad man: To be the sad man Be - hind

'Blue Eyes.

to feel

Blue Eyes.

Copyright. "1|. Fabulous Music. Ltd. Reprinted by permission.