September 25, 2020

1972-01-15 – Chillicothe Gazette

1972 01 15 Chillicothe_Gazette_Sat__Jan_15__1972_

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Peter Townshend has done it again. The
talented lead guitarist for The Who has writ-
ten lyrics and music for another big hit for
his quartet. While other groups are breaking
up, reforming, or their musicians are going
solo, rDhe Who have been building. The four
musicians are constantly experimenting and in
the seven years since their first big hit, “I
Can't Explain,” they've been gnawing and
building their reputation. One high water mark,
of course, was the June 7, 1970 appearance of

mu} om".-oi.m 5.. Al I“ hunt

the group at the prestigious Metropolitan Opera
House in New York where the performed Town-
shend’s mck opera “'Ibmm'y” and got fan-
tastically great reviews. And now here they
are again with “Behind Blue Eyes.”

Copyright 1971 by FABUIDUS MUSIC LIM-
ITED, Dumbarton House, 68 Oxford St., London,
W.1., England. All rights for the USA i-ts ter-
ritories and posseedons, Canada. Mexico and
the Pbilimines are controlled by TRACK MUSIC
INC., 200 West 57th St, New York, N.Y. 10019.

Wonde and Music by


1'...” - “040M.

- 6
E: one knows whet. it’s like
N: one knows whet it's like‘3


the 't
c 3! even an eng-

lone- oly. My love is ven - geance that's nev ‘eé free. No one knows whet it'e like 0
N: one bites beck ee herdG on their en- (er;


theee feel - inn Like I do. And I blame you!


None of my pain and woe cen ehow through. But my dreams.

C 0
.con - science eeeme to he.E


nev - er free. Whenmy
G ' D On myA
it end loeelny cool. When I smile.
I In A I In A
a fool.
' In A D

ehiv - er. please give me a blank - et; Keep me warm;

have whet We like


tohe he- ted; 'I‘obeg‘o9

G C lei
c D ty as my con - science seems to be‘ [have ho- -m on- -ly

Key .0 I nine!
C“, )

end men Be- hind Blue Eyeex
ted to tell- -in( on- 1y liee.But my

A E. G
to feel

0 6
they eren'teeem-tyeemy


I have ho. - un on - 1y Ione - 1y. My love in ven - geence that's

8. A I I-
fiet clen- chee. creek it on - en be- fore I use

0 In A

tell me some bed news be- tom I laugh end act like '

E In
Iflewel-lowen-y-thing ev-Il. putyourfin-cerdownmythmet:And1fl -

In A I In

cm) Let me w‘eer your coat. No one

tobethebedmen: Tobethe eedmnnBe-hind BlueEyee.