September 24, 2020

1973-04-08 – The Sydney Morning Herald

1973 04 08 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Sun__Apr_8__1973_

‘Tommy’ on 7
next Friday

When you loll back in an armchair, drink in hand, to watch
the rock opera Tommy on ATN 7 next Friday night . . . spare a
thought for the TV crew who bring it to you.

The_v had to battle
through three nights of
rain, slush. and near-freez-
ing temperatures to tape
the special.

Tommy. described :n
"the higgmt pop mttsiml
pruiect of the decade."
had at one night ‘tamd in
both Sydney and Mel-

This Ftid.t_'s telexisiun
special (8 rm) wan tured
bx HSV' 7 at the M&er
Music Boul \ith the

erafi. including one "back-
pack." The pruducer “us
Gordon l‘reneh. “ho illxo
mrked 0n the Liheruce
:md Sid Jumex~ peciah.
plus most of HS' '7
major pwductiom.

The telexixion team
filmed outdomx mer three
nightx. “rapped in glen!-
coatx in teeming min and
nettr-t‘reezing tempera-

Said A Sewn «poke»
mam: “hen tur Mel-

Quotes of the week

I run ht’ just us lump)- with «me nu’iiinn dui/ms m

two million dullars .

. . Lihwut‘t’ in fire H wit! «1/

Libum c'. 'I‘liN-IU lust H'c'dttt's‘dtt)‘ night.

This (‘umtrry is

. warming

will! ¢‘.-’d<')f' lany/t‘xh hnurne. it CU‘JH 'l‘hey mtked 0n the special during Nu drew reheurmh and the final t‘ett‘urmum‘e. l‘he eeond dlt‘\ ze'tedrml \.1 to huxc been the public pet- fm‘nmnce. hm It had m be c.lm‘t‘Ht‘d became 0f keuthet‘. l‘ummx'. the stun of a deaf. dumb and hhml t‘ux' “ho undergoes u miracle (me. \’.t' H‘men bx Peter 'l't\tt~hettd 0f the anlis‘h pop pump ’1 he What. It h.:d its premiere LN w.» tn lundun. mm the l u I‘. d n n Stntpht‘m‘ lehL'thJ. “us pretty 'Ihe :tl~tr.~.h;an produc- tmn hm :t HIZ-Y‘wu‘e Ul~ che~tr.1. a GM of 1‘. :t chuir vf 40. :md a hick- statgc crcn 0f :1, i i * plane). and RAAF techni- cal adhx‘ur SquardunvLead- er Bob Smith. The special cover will include a camera on a ttmer hard up against the runway to film takeoffs and landings front unlv )atds mmy. * i * Bert Nexxton may: be a good Legie eontpere. But his stund~in job un Tue» tht)’ night for a sick (Era- ’ h.1m Kennedy tGmham Kennedy Shtm T(‘.' 9 9 pm) ms‘ at humblm‘. l newt thuught l xould mm mm théx. hut Come ‘I‘dg‘k, (tmhmn kennedy. 1k 1k * A one hour