September 19, 2020

1975-01-04 – The Times

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A few albums blended artistry and?

professionahsm quite successfully; Carly
Simon’s Hotcakes and Joni Mitchell‘s
Miles of Males are two that come to
mind. These records displayed high
regard for technical competency. but
showed a depth of fee' that is missing
in so much seventies :-

What we come to is a.desire for 1975 V

to be a year of greater innovation,
greater energy. The enthusiastic, crea-
tive musicians of the sixties have. in
many cases, turned into the muzak mak-
ers of the seventies. A lot of them simply
made too much money to keep their inter-
, es: in doing something new. They figured
if they could make five million dollars a


HM — Rn! Em: news, 51mm, Antiques.
Pet ....................... .... 1649
IR! (tom SM) ............................................. 20


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year doing the same stuff over and over.
Well, let's keep doing it.

Audlences are going to be demanding
more for their money; the rockers have
had it too soft in the last couple of years.
So maybe we‘ll get a new wave of crea-
tive groups. or a resurgence of talented
artists who've let their gifts sit
unchanged. No one is foolish enough to
say “let's have the good old rock again"
and really expect 1967 to repeat itself.
But any of us can hope that 1975 brings a
larger proportion of albums that make us
want to run to the record player. instead
of putting on a new album [or lack of
something better to do.

Critic‘s Cholmlfl4
(Note: What follows is a listing. in no
tEEI'Licular order, of a few of the year's
tier pop albums in varimm musical
tegories; we certainly did not listen to
all pop releases and these of course,
reflect what cross—section of music we
were exposed to!)
Miles of Aisles — Joni Mitchell
Urubamba Unibamha (Columbia)
Grecian a la Vida (Here's to Life) —
Joan Baez (A&M)
Sundown 7— Gordon Lightfoot
Waitress in a Doughnut Shop — Maria
Muldaur (Warner!)
Walk and Bridges — John Lennon
Too Late for the Sky
Browne (Asylum)
Dreams and All The! Stu" — Leo
Kottke (Capitol)
Good For You. Too -— Toni Brown
Starting Over — Rasperberries (Cap
Hotcakes — Carly Simon (Elektra)

— Jackson

Pop C ritic’s C hoice

SINGLE: “Whatever You Want" Jack
son Five '

Gracia: a la Vida

MALE VOCALIST; Harry Nllsson

SONGWRITER: Jackson Browne.
Carly Simon

ALBUM TRACK; "DiDa" Joan Baez,
from Gracia: . . .

GUITAR: Carlos Santana, Leo Kottke

BASS: Jack Casady, Paul McCartney

PIANO: Ramsey Lewis

SAX: Cato Barbieri

DRUMS: Keith Moon

IN CONCERT: Elton John .

SHOWPERSON: Pets: Townshend


MARRIAGE: Kristofterson and Cool-

Kris and Rita . a good sounding marrlam.