September 23, 2020

1975-01-19 – The Sydney Morning Herald

1975 01 19 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Sun__Jan_19__1975_

~:‘Pir’f 91%“:

-;N0 T A WORD is spoken by the cast
: in the film version of Pete Townshend’ s

rock opera, Tommy, which will open at
the Mayfair Theatre at the end of

I March.

the deaf. dumb and blind
7pin- ~ball champion of the

5 Elton John, Eric Clap-
ton Keith Moon and Tina
Turner are among the cast
who sing their way
through Tommy’s hfe
. 'story.

A Quintaphc-nic (five-
channel) sound system
costing $18 000 will be
‘installed at the Mayfair to
' cope with the musical
prowess of the cast.

. “Serious" actor Oliver
IRccd makes his screen
;singing debut as Tommy’s

I His appearance marks a
_dramatic change of pace.

Previously he appeared
,in Women In Love and
The Devils.

. ‘ Tommy is directed by

- L-Ken Russell and filmed by
Dick Bush in wide-screen


Eric Clapton, the former
guitarist from Cream and
Blind Faith. plays the

- whole of his role as The

Preacher in at Portsmouth

Jack Nicholson appears
as The Specialist. 3 suave
pin- ~striped Harley StIeet

Six-year-old Tommy is
struck deaf, dumb and
blind by the shock he re-
ceives when he witnesses
a terrible scene between
his ‘mother,_ father and

As he stands bewilder-
ed and horrified, the last
words he hears are those
from his mother and step-
father telling him: “You



didn't hear it you didn't
§ee it, you won‘t say noth-
ing to no one . . .

When he grows into a
young man, Tommy re-
mains afflicted silently
pleading, “see me, touch
me, heal me . . “ but no
one hears or is able to
help despite his many
attempts at cures.

When he finally under-
goes a “miracle” cure.
Tommy comes to appre-
ciate the things a normal
person takes for granted.

With his senses re—
stored, he Is hailed as a
new Messiah.

Elton John. who makes
an appearance as the Pin-
ball Wizard. may fly to
Sydney for the opening of
the movie.

Ken Russell, whose
credits include Women In
Love, The Music Lovers
and The Devil, has de-
scribed Tommy as “the
greatest work of art the
twentieth century has pro-

He makes a brief ap-
pearance in his own film
as an extra,

Electrifying soul-singcr
Tina Tumer is the Acid

‘Queen who tries to lure

Tommy with LSD.


tooee;ee»l;e;:r:?wflm oe-...-.. ..

Rog er Dalfrey as Tommy. the deaf. dumb and
blind pinball champion oi? the world. is wired up
for medical checking in the rock opera movie.