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1975-03-09 – The Los Angeles Times

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Entwistl‘e Gives
the Who What For


0 Though he was a bit angry, John Entwistle was still
softsspoken. The bearded bassist of the English super-
group, the Who, sat in his Continental Hyatt House
suite one recent afternoon and candidly complained
about the group's recording and tou'ring practices. Hi8 ,
digs were mainly directed at Pete Townshend, the
quartet's guitarist. chief writer and leader. who is ap~
parently responsible for these disputed practices. ,

‘ ‘ The Who is famous for long, complex concept albums
like 'rommy' and “Quadrophenia.” Referring to the
group's next album, for which Townshend is now writ-
ing songs, Entwistle said. "This album, which should be
finished around J une, will be a straight album of songs.
It won‘t be a concept-album. We‘ve had enough of con-
cepts for a couple of years It's also going to be a single
album. No more double albums fora while, I hope.ll ,

The Who is planning an American tour this fall that
will consist of two three-week tours separated by two ~
weeks Since the group, has always spent so much um
recording. thereihas been little time for tours of this
magnitude. ‘

“We have only done about eight weeks of touring in
the past four years," Entwistle said. "That's because we
have been taking too much time to record. We have
only been doing an album every 18 months. Things are
a bit mixed up. We should be doing more touring than
recording. We would be making a lot more money if
we were touring more.“

“Besides, the best thing about our band is our stage
show. I want to do lots of live shows and so do‘Roger
(Daltry) and Keith (Moon). The only person who
doesn‘t want to do them is Pete.“

'Entwistle also expressed his displeasure at all the
time taken up by director Ken Russell's film version of
their rock opera, "Tommy.“ In a tone tinged with bitter-
ness, Entwistle said, I'I'he Tommy‘ film took a year out
of our career. It took a year to do that soundtrack. I
spent most of the time in the studio doing my own
things because I wasn't involved much with the film.

"After spending all that time mixing the soundtrack,
Pete wants to get out on the road again. He's bored
now. We hoped he would get boredsooner so we could
start touring a lot sooner.”

Entwistle was in town with his new band. Ox, for a
Long Béach Arena concert that is part of his first 5010

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