September 23, 2020

1975-04-09 – The Sydney Morning Herald

1975 04 09 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Wed__Apr_9__1975_

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By a Stall Repottee

Last night’s premiere
of the film Tommy at the
Regent Theatre .wai
ahove all a superb Kin-

. ettc experience. ~-
' The rock-o ra. aBOut
the deaf and b ind Tomm ,
directed by.Ken Russel,
-vnbrates with pulsating
colour and sound..,lt thun-
ders through scenes of
religious fervour. violence.
brutality. despair. anger.
destructim and triumphant
glory to the music oijete
Townshend. ‘

Tommy probably ‘ Will
become the happening. of
75. just as Hatr made'it
in the 603. »

'Rogcr thltrey playS'a
bewildered Tommy. Ann‘
Margaret his frenzied
mother and Oliver Reed
her ruthless husband. ,

Elton John. who was at
the premiere. is cast as
the Pinball Wizard. Iack
Nicholson plays the suave
Specialist and Tina Turner
the delirious Acid Queen.

Television made its :-
sence felt at _the pre ere
with cameras glaring hotly
at the extravagantlyodl’ess-
ed crowd. The audience
came out rather shock-
struck. with dilated pubils,
but generally impresse‘d‘f

A few complalnul alfiut
the loudness which is. as
any teenager would say, at
discotheque level.


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