October 27, 2020

1975-04-16 – Press and Sun Bulletin

1975 04 16 Press_and_Sun_Bulletin_Wed__Apr_16__1975_

'Tommy' Is a Dazzler 3‘;

Game" News Service

Ken Russell’s film version of The Who’s rock 1: “ “5:1?” 35:5;
opera “Tommy” is terrific, fantastic, dazzling. ' I "i '
overwhelmingly the best of the rock operas, and 2
glittering cinema as well. 5 ;_ ~- j“ ‘ 1 , ,

For once, Russell’s ............... ............................... '.

no a nonno-ao-ooooooooaoucooottlouooooo

brilliant, daring but erratic V 1 . - ,-_:f'-3.?'.
talents are matched with the Fi'm
right property. I cannot think -

of another director doing a REVIEW

better job with the material. :15:-:4:::é:-:o:-:-:-:-:‘:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:—:o:-:-:~:-:-:-:c:-:-:~:-i-:-:-:-s 2 $2; _ "'31": 5:32:51:


Russell’§ brashness has Often onono-uulolpcoooooooooooonolllluotloo:bg‘ . Uh, ._: . .
given his previous films a , 1 _ , a .1 ‘7' ‘_ 2 22:2.
swift k ick where it was blowup oi the skirt blowmg se- . ,. , .

needed without particularly (11:15:? fiogii‘ahisevggggr
advancing the theme, but here h G l d Cbllf fas e
't is ermane to the entire te 0. en a 0 commerce, .-
lconcegt ' WOTSWPPGG by the maimed

d 0‘1 Pled the Bernadette '
Pete Townshend of The Who an p ’ , 1 _ 2:
originally wrote it, with addi- 0‘ the 19605- Em Clapton 1S - --

tional material by colleagues the preacher.

- - In the second sequence,
£331 .Etnhtyfsotlisthangerlfigieg: Tina Turner as the Acid Queen

Tom- tries to make a man of Tom
Roger Daltry, stars as my and it’s been a long while


m¥ommy (Barry Winch) is 6 since the screen has witnessed
as the film opens in 1951. His 3 Permr‘fna'?“ 0‘ 5““ Sheer .
father was killed in the war, animal Vitamy' 1;. .t _' ,_ ‘ ' ‘


and his grieving mother Ann- comes Pinball Champ of the

Margret has finally met a . . 1;}f _
soc1al director at a holiday d azzling performance wear- ‘
camp, Oliver Reed. They mar- ' .

ry ing three-foot boots as befits

But the first husband, Tom- th'ele‘king 0? glitter ka't
my’s father. is not dead as be- ommy s senses reduin 3.3
lieved, merely badly wounded, success comes, an e '5

and one ni ht he returns home greeted by ”19 .VOUth, ever _ 2 . . ;
to find hi: wife in bed with desperate ‘0’. a "95“ Panacea», - .
Reed. In the ensuing ex- as the Messnah. Tommy en- m ------ g

citement, Reed kills him and

joys a brief season 0‘ WW" ” MTMETFOR IOMMY— k—ogert De,a|try as
it is witnessed by the child.

ation, flying everywhere on a Tomm on d . f b' "t t t n
' - , er oes a series 0 Izorre rec men 5
THE DAZED Tommy is kite as the current replace Y 9

. ' ttempts to restore his sight speech and hearing
shrieked at (or rather sun at me” for G.°d’ Jesus, and ’fnfi ,; . ’ .
__ nothing is spoken) byghis Marilyn. until the mob must m Tommy, opening t_oday at the Crest Theater In

mother and ste father, “You inevitably find something B:n h m ..
didn’t see it. ygu didn’t hear "9W" Yet- The apocalyptic ' 9 9' ‘°"

it, and you won’t say anything ending is as expected as it is

_ H satisfying. I . '
to anyone, and he becomes Young Winch and Daltry

to 11 t' - ' . ' ‘
up‘ieiff’éi’fifi 253222§§?w‘"g enormously appealms as “"gadmm' 8‘ “"0“

He suffers .the invariable the WP“ and older Tommy, The Dramatic Department of Catholic Central

Reed is excellent as the not - .

torments of the handicapped, quite totally evil stepfather High School Will present Lerner and Loewe’s "Briga-
?ndtgfiifufiig Tomgsztggglfii Ann Margret is effective iii doon” 8 pm. Friday anti Saturday and 7:30 pm. Sun:
rim) healers des eratel ho some scenes, ineffective in day at the school, 70 Seminary Ave, Binghamton.
ing for a miraclep . y p- ohers, Jack Nicholson is in for More than 50 students will appear in the musical
‘91-“- théiiim's two most in- a cameo 33 a dOCtO“, and including youngsters from some of the county’s Catho-

John, Clapton and Miss Turn-
erz simply super.
But the chief triumph re-

lic elementary and middle schools who have taken
juvenile parts in the production.

credible sequences, Ann-Mar-
gret takes him first to a

amt}? degttfigg aws:::;11tlfig 'mains Pete Townshend's, who 1 The Rev. David Pichette is the director of the show,

p328? alloweaning Marilyn wrote it, and Russell's, who assisted by Sister Lois Ann Barton and musical direc-
' . . _ found the wav to make of it a tor Sister Mary Ellen Hogan.

masks, administer commu mind-boggling experience. .

nion and'offer salvation; the
shrine_itself is an enormous __ BERNARD DREW