October 27, 2020

1975-12-31 – Santa Ana Register

1975 12 31 Santa_Ana_Register_Wed__Dec_31__1975_

‘Sonic loom’
Master Thesis
In Oscar Race

L08. ANt..‘;PZLEZS tAP) -- It‘s
not often that a college stu-
dent's master thesis gets a
booking In a movte theater
‘ That has happened to Jeff Man-
dvl nt l't‘lA;

Hts fittmtnute film‘ “Sonic
Bmm urmm-d at Mann‘s
\9-tu‘urd Theater tn qualify
tnt' the annual rare at the
;t‘3tit’nl} awards The film ts
dmcrthed as a sattre on dtsas.
tvr mmtes. and Mandel tn-
«tuced a number of film figures
to appear tn tt. Among them:
George Kennedy. Jonathan
Winters. Joann Pflug. Sal
Mtneo. Dick Martin. David and
Rick Nelson. Lyle Talbot. Tom
and Mark Harmon and Kent
McCord.. All donated their set

“Sonic Boom“ features a
theme song delivered by Andy