September 21, 2020

1976-01-15 – The Enterprise Tocsin

1976 01 15 The_Enterprise_Tocsin_Thu__Jan_15__1976_

'The Who'-whaf can one say?

What could a person write about The
Who? A person could rave on and on about
the group’s early days in Britain as “The
Detours” or “The High Numbers”. A
person could write for hours about their
seemingly countless albums. Or. if he
liked, a person could write about The
Who’s 1974'America tour during which the
group sold out a four day stand at Madison
Square Graden within 15 hours.

If a person half tried, he could write
about The Who as a legend in their own
time. A person could write continually

about the Who’s “Tommy” (the first
acknowledge rock opera), and about how

“Tommy” was made into an album,
performed in the Metropolitan Opera
House, and filmed as a movie.

A person could write about Rdger
Daltrey, lead singer for The Who, movne
star, solo performer, and sex symbol. A
person could also write about Keith Moon,
drummer for The Who, person capable of
intense emotion, and general maniac. Or a
person could write about John Entwistle,
bassist and foundation of The Who, quiet
person. and apparantly the only sane
member of the group. Or a person could
even write about Peter Townsend, lead
guitarist for The Who, acrobat, and the

'most celebrated guitarist in history.

But even with all these topics to write
about concerning The Who, 3 person could
never justly write about this group. No
writer could ever find the appropriate
words to explain the greatness of The Who.
The group’s music is monumental; their
live performances are mind altering.

Therefore, a person searching for
insight into The Who must buy, borrow, or
steal recordings by The Who, or see the
group live, for there will never be a writer
talented enough to describe the legendary.
incredible, historic Who.