September 26, 2020

1977-01-28 – Independent

1977 01 28 Independent_Fri__Jan_28__1977_

KEITH MOON i~ driving lo
the film 301 ol "5(3xtt‘llé" from
his new house in Malibu in a
balw-blue Exmlihur iusl pur-

chased from Lihvracc. "Great
car," he Says, ”Iml l haw m
remove she '1' from the door."

Besides his Cuncnl movie Jp-
pmmnce, Moon has been Ialk-
Ing 10 Graham Chapman of
Monty Python abOut IhP lead
rule in a jilm Chapman isAwril-
ing, and there is also speculalion
that Ken Russell will be filming
"Quadrophcnia" (Peter T0wn
shend's fnllow-up rock opew I0
"Tommy”) this year. A second
Moon solo album is in the
works, and he wiil be returning
to England in two months to
record a new Who album.

“Pete‘s been writing fairly
steadily since the last tour, but
until we start wmking, we don'l
know how we’re going to ap-
proach i1 or what songs we’ll
use," Moon says.