September 19, 2020

1978-01-27 – Fort Lauderdale News

1978 01 27 Fort_Lauderdale_News_Fri__Jan_27__1978_

"I'lb'st9 Albums Of ‘77‘ ‘
Contain Valuable Items

Ming Shae

Each year, a couple of down
noteworthy records become lost in
the annmerdal and critical shtflIe.
From time to time, those records are

more noteworthy than the season's
most-discussed hits and misses. Here

then, is 1977's honor roll.

In mainstream rock, perhaps the

year‘s most underrated record was
Pete Townshend‘s and Ronnie Lane‘s
“Rough Mix" (MCA). an unlikely
combination of devotional music and
pure rock & roll. 11m album’s high-
light is “My Baby Gives It Away,"
which sounds like the Who with



T00“ at 3:30 8: 0:00 PM! NOW thru M00. JAN. 30

Mk, V. W's “A Peri-
odd'l‘rnsifion" (Warner Bros.) and
summm solo debut (Island)
w cut. -'Both are raggedly un-
focused affairs (Morrison's title
would be Watt: for either
album), but there’s more good sim-
im than one would expect floating
thud: 0: lack of songs. The B side
(1 Van’s cummt shale, "Mechanical
Bliss," is also worth investigating;
he's finally made the pure
leprechaun music he's always threat—