September 24, 2020

1978-03-28 – Philadelphia Daily News

1978 03 28 Philadelphia_Daily_News_Tue__Mar_28__1978_



Gary Gilmore may be gone — but he’s not'torgotten. The Utah killer who
the state is now the subject of a massive new

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portly author of “The Naked

and the Dead," and “Armies of the Night." says he has so far written 900 pag-

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In himselt." says Stormin' Norman. “The material la la sensational that I'm

giving it a sober treatment." The authox admits that he

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“Why do theae people always have
to criticize the royal family?" Llewl-
lynsaidonhlsretum fromaCal-ib-
bean vacation with Princes Marga-
tet. “I don't care what they say about
us,” Llewllyn said.

He satd he would continue seeing
her. but he refused to give any spe
cities. "I have plans to meet a lot of
people in the near future." he sold.


Stanley Ilanh, the eccentric Texas
millionaire whose Ideas of art are

very avant-garde (he once buried lo
Cadillacs, taflflns up, next to Route
66). ha moved on to even more sur-
real works. He has just commie-
aloned artist Andy Feehan’s project
Chinese Cleated dogs. Four of the
little critters have been tattooed :0
tar and Marsh says he'll do about two
doaen more before throwing in the

needle. “They're such horrid little
animals.” aays Marsh, “that the

wings seem to make them more a!-
tectiona ."

Puzo Marches On

Marlo Pub. whose “Godfather".
novel was turned Into a veritable
cottage industry. In at It again: he’s
pe a new, massive book called
“Fools Die.” Ills editors at Putnam’s

are understandably reluctant to
discuss the work (there are word
pirates. too), but have described it as
“Tolstoyan.” The book is set in New
York, Hollywood and Las Vegas and
the themes are money, power and (a
new one for Puzo) lesbianism. Speak-
ing of “Godfather." Mario is current;
ly scripting — you it — the
ecreenplay for “Godfather m." It'll
be about the doings of the Corleone
grandchildren, natch.

11:. Who: from guitér-emashing to the boardroom

Rockers In the

The older rock ‘n' roll fanatics
among us will remember The Who,
whose stage antics make the current
crop of " unks" look tame by com-
parlson .the band's most notable
antic was trashing their instruments
at the end of their performances —
which, to say the least, was a rather
expensive proposition). But now

Puze: big book

‘ Who guitarist Pete Tomhend has
'fewed up to what we've suspected
all along: the bad old days are over.
Says Pete: "We’ve created a strait
jacket of our own making. I think I'll
miss playing with the band on the
road. but for me it was becoming a
non-event. There's a part of me that
really wants to go crashing around
on the road. but I think boardroom:
and business meetings are an impor-
tant part of our life now."