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1981-04-18 – The Courier News

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What’s next?: The Who show signs of wear in latest

THE WHO— “Face Dances" — (Warner
Aging is a quation all rock performers

have to face -— if they last long enough.
Elvis Presley went to Las Vegas, the
Beatles broke up and Chuck Berry became

a traveling one-man rock ’n’ roll re-
vivalist. The Rolling Stones just keep
pounding out the rock, but nothing on
“Sucking in the Seventies” touches any-

thing on their first two “greatest hits”,

And so we are left with the Who. No

...talklng about their generation on "Face Dances"

other band that spoke so eloquently to and
for a generation for so long still exists
nearly intact.

Peter Townshend has been worried
about growing old for quite some time
now. He was so preoccupied with age and
accompanying problems such as loss of
hearing, in fact that it kept the Who off
the road for a couple of years before Keith
Moon died.

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But never has aging invaded the Who so
completely as it does on “Face Dances,”
the long-awaited first post-Moon Who

It’s easy in retrospect to forget how
Moon kept the Who young. His wanton
powerhouse drumming onstage and simi-
larly uncontrolled antics off secured the

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