September 24, 2020

1981-04-18 – The Morning Call

1981 04 18 The_Morning_Call_Sat__Apr_18__1981_

THE WHO: much better. Pity poor Daltrey
Face Dances who had to sing most of this
(Warner Bros.) stuffl And new drummer Ken-

ny Jones‘ mediocre per-
formance adds insult to inju .
Much is bein made of the L
cover art -- 6 portraits of
Who members by 16 artists
—- and rightly so. for there's
little to say about the music
inside the jacket. Indeed, this
is the LP that should have
Iaeen titled “The Who Sell

The Stones have been
pelted for being boring. repet-
itive and inconsequential dur-
ing the. last seven years, but

THE ROLLING STONES: no one 's ever accused them
Sucking In The Seventies of being stupid businessmen
(Rolling StonesI (remember, Jagger has an

economics degreeIH 'Sucking
In The Seventies" is another
testament to their business
acumen: They ve repackaged
seven tracks rom their ler ely
forgettabie LPs since 197
l"Some Girls" being the ex-
ception). added an awful
dance rock tune. "Every-

thin '3 Turning to Gold."

evei able only as the flip side
of "Shattered." and two new
tracks. a live version of

”When the Whip Comes

Remember when a new Down" (very good) and "If I
Who album was an event? Was a Dancer (Dance Pt. 2)."
When writerguitarist Pete Their fans that stopped
Townshend had something buyin Stones LPs after "It's
important to say? When vo- Only ock 'n' Roll' will treat
calist Roger Daltrey com- this album as a greatest hits
municatad it with a passion acka a while collectors will
and fervor unrivalled in rock uy it or the new tracks. Way

'n' roll? When John Entwistle to go. Mick.

was ood for a commanding
bass ins and at least one
hilarious song per album?
When the late Keith Moon

kicked the whole shebang
into overdrive by drumming
with skill and abandon? Well IAN McLAGAN:
Who fans better clutch those lump In The Night
memories even tighter be- (MercuryI
cause "Face Dances." the
first new Who LP since
1978' s decent Who Are
You.” is an unmitigated dis-
aster. Under the guidance of
roducer Bill Soy mczy it, best
Enow for his work with The
es. this raging inferno of a
roach: band has turned into a
Jacuzzi. Save for the single
'You Better You Bet” a satis-
factory though hardly com-
pelling pop song. and' ‘Deily
Records" a rehash :1)! how
Townshen 8 acts It; ans' _ .
lives and vice verse that' s set If "“9 LP had the Rolling
to a brig m calypso beat this Stones name on It. It wouch
LP Is aEpallinY. The paucity of be an Instant smash. But this

Towns and s ricel content '8 M01398". ONQIMHV 8
here is scandaro us and rarely uitarist with the Small

has he sounded so insincere aces. turned key boerdist
phony and downright dumb with the Faces (with Rod
prattling on about destitute Stewart remember?) and
lives. the aftermath of a de mama t_ounne member of
bauch masturbation and un- ollmg Stones. The man

fulfilled sexual desire. Entwis- has b0"! amend and all the_
tle‘s two contributions aren’t "lflUOnCOB he 3 come under In