September 29, 2020

1983-01-14 – Del Rio News Herald

1983 01 14 Del_Rio_News_Herald_Fri__Jan_14__1983_

Who isn't through recording

Calif. (AP) - The Who,
one of the most unruly
groups to emerge from
the British music inva-
sion of the 19605. an-
nounced their decision
to quit touring after its
fall. 1982 string of con-
certs, deSpite wild and
enthusiastic audiences.

“In fact. I would go
even further and say the
group is finished," says
Pete Townshend. the
Who’s lanky lead
guitarist and principa]
songwriter. “I’ve got
grave doubts about the
possibilities for any kind
of cohesive work in the

Despite that final-
sounding pronounce-
ment. the Who will be
heard from again
because the band still
owes Warner Bros.
Records two albums.

But for most fans. a
record will be a poor
substitute for the wild
performances the group
was known for.

From the days when
Townshend, lead singer
Roger Daltrey. bassist
John Entwistle and the
late drummer. Keith

to the

e q u i p m e n t

golden years of “Tom.
my.” “Who’s Next” and

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