September 24, 2020

1983-03-06 – The Los Angeles Times

1983 03 06 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Sun__Mar_6__1983_

The Who: Maximum M3 by Richard Barnes (St.
Martin's: $12 95, paperback; illustrated). Normally,
it’s wise to avoid rock histories put together by
someone who has been a friend of the band.
especially someone who, as the jacket notes for this
book inform us, “invented the name 'The Who.’ ” But
Barnes comes through with a lavishly illustrated
book that also includes an above- -average text
neither sensationalizing nor glorifying the band
Even fans who pour through all those long Pete
Townshend interviews in Rolling Stone and else-
where will pick up some new insights into a band that
, arguably changed the course of rock as much as the
. Beatles and the Rolling Stones did. And. there’s a
bonus: :1 free flexidisc recording of Townshend's
demo tapes of ‘fMy Generation" and “Pinball Wiz-