September 21, 2020

1984-01-11 – Arizona Republic

1984 01 11 Arizona_Republic_Wed__Jan_11__1984_

You can forget about getting any
more records from the Who. When
the was in New York City a few
weeks ago, Pete Townshend was
- mumbling about not wanting to do
any more group records, but now
it’s official. Townshend released a
statement in London recently say-
‘ ing that he had told the band as far
~ back as last May that he had quit

and, as of three weeks ago, WEA
Records had terminated the Who’s

‘ The assumption had been that
f' for the past six months the Who
"had been in the studio making a
new album. The truth is that they
never went in at all because
Townshend didn’t feel that the
, songs he had written were right for
the band.

In his statement, Townshend
wished Who members Roger Dal-
trey, Kenney Jones and John
Entwistle the best of luck in their
solo careers. Of course, he plans to
release solo albums as well. So the
next record from a Who member
will be Roger Daltrey’s solo album,
, out on Atlantic in February, and
ironically titled Parting Should
Be Painless.

Lisa Robinson

on The Ed Sullivan Show. So it
isn’t surprising that lots of people
are gearing up for this important

Capitol Records found a box
containing the original Beatles
press material in some dark, dusty
closet, which they’re planning to
reprint. They also found a photo of
John Paul Getty wearing a Beatle
wig, which they’ll put out along
with a reissue of the entire Beatles
catalogue of recorded music.

In addition, Rolling Stone and
Newsweek are planning special
issues, and there are even steps
being taken for a special star in
commemoration of the Beatles in-
vasion to be dedicated on Holly-
wood Boulevard.

possibly want to know about rock

and roll is supposedly contained in
the new book, The Rolling Stone

Encyclopedia of Rock and R011
(Rolling Stone Press Book/Summit
Books, $12.95 in softcover) edited
by Jon Pareles and Patricia
Romanowski. It’s an updated,
massive reference for all listeners of
rock music. There are 1,300 alpha-
betical listings of artists and bands

ences, first breaks, hits and misses,
and that all-important information
about where. the artist is today.

There are also release dates for
albums and singles, including chart
positions, and gold and platinum
albums. And there are discogra-
phies, personal chronologies of
groups and 150 historical photos.

That’s not all. There are listings
of Grammy Awards, films of live
performanCes as well as books
written by rock musicians, famous
clubs in rock history, a special
listing about managers and what
they do, and my favorite category
— definitions of over 31 important
musical terms, including “heavy
metal” and “new wave.”

CALL has been picked to play the
role of John the Disciple in the
Martin Scorcese film The Last
Testament of Christ, which is
also supposed to star Sting and
Robert DeNiro.

That’s going to hold up the next
album from the Call. It was sup-
posed to be released in February,
but has now been pushed back to
March to give Been time to film his
part. He’ll do that in January: then