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"When he came along. I told him to read the scene he
had prepared. He made a remarkable interpretation of
it." Jones recalled during a phone interview from
England. “Then I threw another scene at him. which he
hadn't prepared. That didn't work too well. so it was
obvious to me that he had worked very hard on the first
scene. He’s an unbelievably hard worker.

"I originally auditioned him because of his name."
Jonesadmitted. "but I didn't hire him because of that.
During the rehearsal. I saw evidence of a real
commitment. And the rhythm comes to him almost
instinctively. He never let his aversion show."

By the time he learned he had won the role. Daltrey’s
aversion to Shakespeare had dissipated. "I became
intrigued with it." he said. "I took an instant liking to the
director. so by then I was hooked. I fell in love with
. Shakespeare. I fell in love with the meter. the



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language. . . . I mean. the man is such a good writer.“

Daltrey. who will be 40 on March 1. said he eventually

would like to perform all of Shakespeare's plays and
feels that his musical background helps Shakespearean

verse come easily to him. “It's natural." he said. “It's
like singing."

Although he's attempting to develop the acting phase
of his career. Daltrey hasn‘t renounced music. “I want
the singing and the acting to all come together.” he said.
"I want to be an all-around entertainer."

To that end. he has cut a new solo album: "Parting
Should Be Painless." which. coincidentally. also is due to
be released today. Although he has previously recorded
three other albums of his own. Daltrey said his solo
career has “up .until now been treated as a hobby
between Who albums."

From the late '605 through the "705. Who sold more
than 25 million records and became a rock legend with
such hit songs as "My Generation." “Won't Get Fooled
Again" and "Pinball Wizard." Now the group has
disbanded. having given what it labeled its farewell tour
in 1982.

Or has it? Daltrey explained he would “more than
anything want to work with (Who guitarist and
songwriter) Pete Townshend again and keep the Who
going. Just not in the old 'way—it's just a matter of
waiting until you've got something to say. We don‘t
have anything to say at the moment."

Daltrey sees his role in "The Comedy of Errors" as a
step forward in his acting career. He wants to do more.
not only on television and in films but also on stage.

"I want to do it all." he said. ”I might join the Royal

Shakespeare Company . . . if they’ll have me. But I'm
sure they will."