September 19, 2020

1984-02-23 – The Los Angeles Times

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helped his brother. Simon. however, denied those
charges. But he didn’ t deny the existence of a severe
communications gap: One eXplanation for it according
to Simon is the difference in ages—he’s 18 years
younger thanPete. "We’re from different generations."
Simon says. “It’s hard for brothers that far; apart in age

to be close. It 5 like he was my uncle."
Young Townsiiendls brother was also rarely available

to him: ‘We hardly 3511 ‘each other. Pete and the Who .
were always away. Or he was busy. He had his own
family. a wife and kids. Most of the time he didn’t know
‘ what was going on with me. I could have gotten married
and Pete wouldn t have known it."

As a youngster Simon was a sullen isolationist. That

certainly didn’ t foster brotherly love “I started playing
. piano when I as 10” . he recalled “I played very
intensely for five years. I never had time for anything
else—I didn’t go out. I didn't have any girlfriends—I just
wanted to play piano. I was so involved with music that
Pete didn’t exist for me He was as distant from times a
- star like David Bowie. I didn 1 try to forget him. I just

But Simon doesn' I feel that distance anymore.
Working on the album helped collapse the barrier
between the brothers. “Whatever it was that kept us
from being close is gone." he. said. “We're great friends

' now. It's hard to imagine we were ever so far apart.”