September 26, 2020

1984-02-27 – The Los Angeles Times

1984 02 27 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Mon__Feb_27__1984_


imon Townshend. younger brother of the Who's

Pete Townshend. made his local debut Saturday
night at the Palace. and may have set a hall record for
reprised songs. The English singer-guitarist repeated
both "I'm the Answer" and "Sweet Sound” at the end of
an hourlong set. which must have led some to think
about whether musical talent necessarily runs in a
family. Simon represents a negative response. It isn't
that there is anything really awful about his recent LP
(produced by big brother) or his able quartet's
energetic. but sparkless performance. It’s just that the '
guy's songs. built around a frenetically chattering guitar
style and little else of note. are so nondescript.
Townshend avoids obvious familial rip-offs—no Who
songs or his brother’s windmill arm movements. The
truth. however. is that Simon might be more interesting
if he did steal from his brother. or anyone with better
. ideas than found in this undistinguished pop-rock.