September 19, 2020

1986-01-11 – The Daily Journal

1986 01 11 The_Daily_Journal_Sat__Jan_11__1986_

Charlie Sexton’s tirst clip
has a little of everything

By Barton woiu

Charlie Sexton is the
new performer to look out
for this year. He was tea-
tured on MTV’s New
Year’s Eve concert and is
being given a lot of play on
that channel — and every-
where else. He‘s young
(17!!!) and he's cute - in a
street-wise manner. (His
look even includes a cou-
ple ot oh-so-tashionable

His clip, "Beat's So
Lonely." is in rough-and-
tough black and white and
includes studio shots. live
shots and posturing con-
cept shots. (How can you
lose it you've got them

The song is pretty good.

Townshond minus guitat

The strangest thing
about Pete Townshend’s
performance clip "Face to
Face" (from his ”White
City" home video) is that
there's no guitar in it at all.
As Townshend has dab.
bled with the movies. he
seems to have shed his
man-with-a-guitar image.
Like everyone else. he's

Charlie Sexton

realizing that it's possible
to have good rock (and
good video) without the

twang ot the guitar.

Another club hit is
Grace Jones’ new clip.
"Slave to the Rhythm." It
includes re—edited materi-
a! from her “One Man
Show" video album with a
tew new shots thrown in.
As usual. it’s her face that
will intrigue viewers. Miss
Jones knowsexactly how
to look into a camera (she
is an ex-model), and no-
body is as ettective in a

close-up as she is.