September 24, 2020

1986-01-12 – The Pittsburgh Press

1986 01 12 The_Pittsburgh_Press_Sun__Jan_12__1986_

By Pete Blimp
The Pittsburgh Pm


is another attempt to drag more
money out of fans who can‘t or won‘t
believe The Who are no more.

It’s a lousy one, too. Side 1 is a
bunch of early songs that prove The
Who were no better than other
British bands of the mid-’605 at
covering American material. Save
an acceptable rendition of “Barbara
Ann” with Keith Moon singing lead,
They range from amateur-hour
(“Anytime You Want Me") to sloppy
(“Shout and Shimmy") to boring —
and they’re poorly recorded.

Side 2 is a little better. led by “I

Don‘t Even Know Myself" with Rog-
er Daltrey in very good voice, John
Entwistle's hard-driving “When I
Was a Boy" and a six-minute live
version of “Bargain” on which. as
Pete Townshend's jacket notes inti-
mate. The Who just may have been
the best live rock band in the world.

Proof of what an ill-conceived
venture this album was is that those
notes are its outstanding feature —
and the fact that Daltrey’s and
Entwistle‘s surnames are misspelled
0n the label. For Who fanatics,
serious collectors or fat wallets only.