September 18, 2020

1986-01-27 – Tampa Bay Times

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How to write a rock hit been written against that very powerful, simple set of

limitations." —— Guitarist Pete Townshend. formerly

"What's the structure of the rock song? First, the Of the Who, '" M usrcran magazine.

rhythm: You have to be able to dance to it, drive to it,
-, " or smooch to it. It's
almost like journalism.
State your case in the first
few bars, tell people what
this is going to be about,
use a catch phrase. Get
them in the first few
seconds, capture their
attention. Then you have
something called a verse
to create an atmosphere,
3 bit of color to get the
ideas across. But then
don't abuse these people!
They want entertaining.
Go back to the original premise, give them the catch
again, keep them interested. Then go back and write
another bit, amplify a bit more. This time you can
write pretty heavy stuff because you've got them.
Then it's time to thank them. So give them a break: 90
off and give them a guitar solo or write something we
call a middle eight, maybe even change the subject,
give them another view of the whole thing. Then close
your argument; give them an epigrem; conclude; wrap
it up in the last verse. And finally, as you walk away
into the distance, give them the catch again. And
that's what it is. That's the frame. You can bend it
around a little bit, but the definitive rock songs have

Peter Townshend
has golden touch. -