September 26, 2020

1986-02-08 – Detroit Free Press

1986 02 08 Detroit_Free_Press_Sat__Feb_8__1986_

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video play:

Some of next week’s most frequent
MTV videos:

I “Addicted to Love” Robert Palmer

7 Play “Sts I “Brothers In Arms” Dire Straits

I “Day By Day” Hooters

. ' ._ . . . I “Everything In My Heart” Corey Hart
M uszc Telewsmn 15 one ofcable l “Face the Face” Pete Townshend

television's most popular services. . “Goodbye” Night Ranger
Here's information about MTV I “How wm I Know” Whitney Houston

° - I “I’m Your Man” Wham!
.s‘peaals and play [ISIS throu gh next I “m Alrlght" Eurythmics

Friday. I “Kan tor a Day” Thompson Twins
I “Kym” Mr. Mister
spocms: I “Leader of the Pack” Twisted Sister

I Tonlght at 11. Live From the thz I “The LOVG 3mm” Sheila E.
.... The Divinyls Music performed by I “Rock'n’RollStar”Tom Petty&the Heart-

the group at the New York nightclub ”Bakers

the Ritz includes the song ”Pleasure :::::p:f'gt;::g°"" Simple Minds
and Pain."