September 26, 2020

1986-03-14 – The Seguin Gazette Enterprise

1986 03 14 The_Seguin_Gazette_Enterprise_Fri__Mar_14__1986_


Monterey recalls
rock’s golden age

By in. Van

Before Woodstock there was Mon-
terey. the 1967 m-c fafiva] held
just south of San Francisco that ush-
ered in “the of love." Now.
Sony Home Video has released 3 cas-
sette of the concert film “Monterey
Pap,” a '22 -minute excursion into mu-
sical history

emit nitisstilladmnhofvi-
m1 and audio anthropology film-
makerD. A. Walmme into
ans masan

macaw asamlun-ai
en Imus, manned. over teen-
agasln outlandish clothes their

facesgaily ‘tedandtheirhair
decked With ow.ers He was as aston~
ished at Jimi Hendrix' s perfqrmance
as the ABC television executive who
backed out of the entire project when
he saw the guitarist piay: “’Im
damnedifthat maniac'sgoing to burn
his guitar on network TV " said the
exec. as Pennebaker recalls.

But it was the music. not the ward-
robe that made history at Monterey.
So many legends so many of them
now gone Keith Moon, bashing his
drum kit with such frenm‘ed abandon
— andtotaldismgard forthebeat —
that you suspect Pete Townshend
smashed his guitar out of pure frus~
nation Inni Hmdrix, who set the
crowd on fine metaphorically long be-
fore beset his instrument on fire liter-
a11y.Big Brother and the Holding
Company. playing so out of key that
you want to cover your ears— until

Janis Joplin her mouth. and a1]
is forgivm. Cass. so fluid and
true. Otis the definition of
soul. Rafi Shankar (still alive, thank
goodna) an 18-minute
raga that is breathtaking.

“Monterey Pop” has it flaws as a
rock concert tape especially com-
pared to today’s sophisticated video
imagery. But the soundtrack was digi~
tally runastaed for this release. and
is excellent The picture, transferred
onto from an film
negativeisfine. Yondon' tneeda nar-
rator to guide you through this view of
the recent

Filmmaker Pennehaker says that
thanks to the results he achieved at
Mooterey. he was offered the contract
to film Woodstock itself the following
summer. “I turned it down." he ex-
plains. “When you film your first fos-
tival and it turns out like ‘Monterey,‘ I
figure to let well enough alone."