September 23, 2020

1987-02-14 – The Post Crescent

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Record review

Deep End Live!
Pete Townshend

If forced to say something nice
“I about the effect of video on popular
_ music, say it has inspired Pete
, Townshend.

5 The former Who guitarist followed




1985’s lively “White City“ concept
video with a video of a concert he per-
formed in Brixton, England. This
soundtrack documentsthedepth and _, i. ,
breadth of Townshend’s talent and .
shows that more than two decades af- j
ter the “British Invasion," Towns-
hend still has plenty to say and the
chops with which to do it.

“Deep End Live!” includes two
covers as well as songs Townshend 5‘"8'"$; .. . ,
recorded solo or with The Who. Part Q" ROCk Therapy, gmtarist
of the fun is that he gets radical with Brian 59”” “"5 up to the band 5

the arrangements; “Eyesight to the name by scratching and clawing
Blind," from The Who’s “Tommy” through the slower tunes and chew-

aibum, and “I Put a Spell on You,“ a ing'Up the fast ones like so much cat

Creedence Clearwater Revival hit, {00¢ Setzer plays as if he's 0" the

bear little resemblance to earlier ver- verge 0f 'OSmg control, b‘" he always
sions lands on his feet.

“Pinball Wizard” is simply Towns- The Stray Cats give their ace plenty

hend sin in and strummin , with 0f Chances ‘0 shine — "105‘ Of the
the crowg péoviding backup gvocals. breaks are 32 bars, and Setzer gets
Elsewhere, the grooves are filled by two or ""er 5010.5 perk 539118- E“?
keyboards, an airtight horn section sound "‘0“ 0 ten ‘5 roc‘a ‘ y, u
and rich percussion. Setzernplays couhtry on One’iland
Townshend is bummed out about Loose. Pflnk on IWanna 0.5: and
love through much of the record. But d‘r‘X,R°”'"g Stones "Cks 0" Reck- i
he changes his tune on the soaring “A “’53- . ’ i
Little Is Enough," singing: ”Your . Unfortunately, Wh”? Setzersplay- i
love's' so incredible, your body so mg sends the album. into orbit, Lee
edible, you give me an overdose of Rocker’s Singing brings ll back {9
love. Just a little is enough." Earth mm a drone. ROCk Therapy

Townshend fives us a ha end- was the result of the Stray Cats’ brief
ing, and "'5 gear his caregfyis far reunion, and Setzer would be better

from finished. off on his own, playing in~

_ Steven Wine strumemals. .
Associated Press writer Bands that try to revwe the mus1c

of the 19503 usually succeed only in

Rock Therapy kicking the corpse, but there'll al-
‘E$:°$"}§,'§° ways be room for the sounds Setzer

Here‘s an album of guitar virtuos- makes. .
ity that is too often interrupted by ASSO;,§J%¥S: ‘33:?