September 21, 2020

1987-02-20 – The Post Star

1987 02 20 The_Post_Star_Fri__Feb_20__1987_

Townshend soars

"Deep End Live? (Atcot — Pete

If forced to say something nice
uhout the effect of video on popular
music. say it has inspired Pete

The former Who guitarist followed
ltth’fi's lively "White City" concept
itieo with a video of a concert he
performed in Brixton. England. This
uundtrack documents the depth and
breadth of Townshend’s talent and
shows that more than two decades
after the. “British Invasion."
annshend still has plenty to say
and the chops with which to do it.

“Deep End Live!“ includes two
(‘M'Crs as well as songs Townshend
recorded solo or with The Who. Part
of the fun is that he gets radical
with the. arrangements; “Eyesight
to the Blind.“ from The Who's
“Tommy“ album. and ”I Put 3
Spell on You.” a Creedence (‘lear-
water Revival hit. bear little
resemblance to earlier versions.

“Pinball Wizard” is simply
Townshend singing and strumming.


with the crowd providing backup
vocals. Elsewhere. the grooves are
filled by keyboards. an airtight horn
section and rich percussion

Steven Wine
Associated Press