September 23, 2020

1989-01-19 – News Journal

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RoCkers jam after fame hall induction

NEW YORK (AP) — Mick Jagger,
nattily dressed and short-haired,
stood on a stage at the Waldorf-Asto-
ria and reflected humbly on his pas-
sage from irreverent “bad boy” to

revered relic in the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame.

“Tonight we’re on our best behav-
ior and we're being rewarded for 25
years of bad behavior,” the Rolling
Stones’ leader said Wednesday night
at the fourth annual induction cere-
mony, at which Dion, Otis Redding,
Stevie Wonder and the Temptations
also entered the Hall of Fame.

Along with a rare appearance by
the reclusive Phil Spector, who was
inducted into the Hall's non-per-
former category, Jagger sounded the
evening's high note when he
promised in his acceptance speech,
“We’re not quite ready to hang up the
number yet.”

The theme of a Stones reunion was



taken up by the Who’s Pete Town-
shend, who in inducting the group
alternately teased and praised them,
concluding. “Don’t try to grow old
gracefully. It wouldn’t suit you."

“Will the Stones ever work again?
If it wasn’t for the vast sums they
can make, they might not bother,”
Townshend said. “Luckily for us fans

then that Mick has such expensive

“No more gags. The Stones are the
greatest. Although they’re all friends,
I’m still a fan."

The four Stones present — Jagger,
Keith Richards, one-time Stone Mick
Taylor and his replacement Ron
Wood — participated in an after-
midnight jam session of inductees
and presenters that followed the

At one point, Richards played gui-
tar directly behind Jagger, but the




two, who’ve rarely been on stage
together in recent years, didn’t per-
form face to face. Jagger sang with
Tina Turner and Little Richard, both

Bruce Springsteen, who was not
part of the ceremonies, sang
“Crying” in tribute to Roy Orbison, a
previous Hall of Fame inductee who
died late last year.

Wonder. inducted by Paul Simon,
was accompanied on stage by his son
and daughter. He said his selection
made him want to “forever, till we
die, give as much as we can.”

Daryl Hall and John Oates intro-
duced the Temptations by striking up
“Don’t Look Back.” when five Temp-
tations came on and took up the tune.
The five original members, Otis Wil-
liams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Ken-
dricks, the late Paul Williams and
David Ruffln, were inducted along
with new member Dennis Edwards.

“This is about the past blending
into the present," said Hall.

To be eligible for induction into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. musi-
cians must have made recordings
more than 25 years ago. The induc-
tees were picked by more than 150

performers, producers, writers,
record executives and broadcasters.
A building is to be built in Cleveland,
with a projected opening in 1992.

Dion, who named his group the
Belmonts after a Bronx avenue, was
inducted by Lou Reed and evinced
delight at his selection, calling it

“Rock ’n’ roll has sure changed
since my heyday,” said the singer,
who has a record coming out in
March. “I think, all told, ‘The Wand-
erer’ made me a little over $14,000.
Over there, Bruce has $42 million on
him. I’m joking around. You guys
don't know what this means to me.”

Little Richard was, as usual, outra-
geous as be inducted the late Otis

He called Bedding “a pillar of rock
’n’ roll. The first time I heard him
sing ‘Lucille’ I thought it was me. He
was one of the greatest singers and
composers that ever lived and that is

including me, Jimi Hendrix, the Bea-
tles, James Brown.”

Bedding died in a plane crash Dec.
10, 1967, while on tour. His widow,
Selma, accepted his statue.