September 24, 2020

1989-04-28 – Hartford Courant

1989 04 28 Hartford_Courant_Fri__Apr_28__1989_

Question in Hartford
is When for the Who

Courant Rock Critic

A different date or a noontime
concert on Independence Day are
two alternatives to canceling alto«
gether a concert by the Who, sched-
uled for the night of July 4 at the
Hartford Civic Center.

Police Chief Bernard R. Sullivan,
who said he based his Opposition to
the concert on a concern for public
safety, said the city, which is expect-
ing as many as 400,000 peOple to
attend the annual holiday Riverfest
that day, could not possibly accom-
modate the additional crowd for a
Who concert.

Managers of the Who were meet-
ing late Thursday in New York to
hammer out details for the band’s
upcoming summer tour, but a deci-
sion on the Hartford concert might
not be announced until Monday.

J im Koplik of Cross Country Pro-
ductions, promoter of the concert,
said Thursday there are two alterna-
tives to canceling the Who concert in


One is to hold the concert J uly 4 at
noon. Although the Riverfest is an
all-day event, it would be easier to
accommodate concert-goers at mid-
day than in the evening, when the
fireworks crowd ties up city traffic.

“It’s a- holiday, so it would be

cool,” Koplik said. “The Who at—


The band has July 3 off, so the
noon start is possible, he said.

The other alternative is another
date for Hartford, “either the day
before or one or two days after.”

According to the itinerary re-
leased this week, the band plays Gi-
ants Stadium in East Rutherford,
N.J., June 29, after Opening the tour
June 24 in Toronto. The other dates
before July 4 are open.

The band is set to play Olympic

?Stadium in Montreal J uly 5 and RFK

Stadium in Washington, DC, July 7.
Moving the Hartford date to July 6
would mean the band would be play-
ing three nights in a row.

At a press conference Monday,
band leader Pete Townshend said he
h0ped to take it easy on the tour
schedule to prevent further damage
to his hearing.

The Hartford and Montreal dates
could be switched, but the group
would lose the advantage of playing
July 4 in the United States.

The decision on a Hartford con-
cert may be influenced by the size of
the Civic Center, one of the smallest
and one of the only indoor facilities
slated for the tour.

But KOplik said he is emphasizing
the hard feelings caused when the
Who pulled out of a Hartford Civic
Center date during its last tour in
1982 tour — for a reason totally
unrelated to public safety. The band
dr0pped Hartford to play an extra
night in Chicago.