September 24, 2020

1991-02-09 – The News Journal

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tabloid-TV show "A Current Affair" rolls out its
big guns for sweeps month »

next. Tuesday. when Roseanne
Barr and husband Tom Ar-
nold will co-anchor the show.
Barr and Arnold will appear
on the New York-based show
from their homes in Los Ange-
les. Among other things.
they’ll show some of their
home videos. including shots
taken on the set of ”Rose-
anne." Don't worry. fans <— the job is temporary. Maureen O’Boyle, the show’s full-time anchor. will get Tuesday off. but return the next night. THERE SHE IS — FOR NOW: It might not rank with the Miss America pageant in prestige, but the Miss USA affair gets embroiled in better controversies. Miss USA 1990. Carole Gist of Michigan, is upset about not getting all the 35144000 in prizes she won last year but won’t boycott the 1991 pageant after all. her lawyer said. Gregory Reed said he objects to a contrac- tual Clause preventing Gist from using her title in commercial endorsements for two years. Gist has missed all her 1991 appearances as Miss USA. Pageant officials said she's been ill. Reed said his client is well enough now to work and will appear at this year’s pageant. to be televised Feb. 22 from Wichita. Kan. on CBS-TV. LIVING IN THE PAST: Rock 'n' roll might not be dead. but it’s slipping into dotage. Why else would singer Roger Daltrey be trying to interest Pete Townshend in another Who reunion #7 without success. "He just won't do it," said Dal- trey. who last played with his bandmates a year BARR SATURDAY,FEB.9.1991 and a half ago. ”It’s quite frustrating. The band. the chemistry ~-- it's like finding the perfect woman. marrying her, staying together for 25 years and then she leaves you. The Who should just keep playing. keep doing our music. It doesn't have to be a message thing. I don't even think it’s important that we do anything new — let's just play. I sort of feel that's what we were put on this Earth for." LIVING IN THE PAST II: Filmmaker Oliver Stone has started thumping the tub for his new movie about rock legend Jim Morrison, and he’s apparently pulling out all the stops. He told Details magazine that his film "The Doors” tells of a young man who ”pushed the barriers of human existence" and embodied the spirit of the late 19605. Stone, who won Os- cars for "Platoon" and ”Born on the Fourth of July,” in- voked Vietnam again, claiming he used to listen to the Doors while he was "stoned on mari- juana" in Vietnam. "You have to remember we were on the edge of life and death in Viet- nam. and Jim spoke to us very directly about the Earth, life, death, fear,” Stone said. Stone even got a bit mystical about Morrison, who died in Paris in 1971 at age 27. "I just feel like I know Morrison. In some way I have an attachment to him," Stone said. ”And maybe he wanted me to make the movie.” THEY SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY: TV journal- ist Roger Mudd is 63. Songwriter Carole King is 49. Author Alice Walker is 47. Actress Mia F arrow is 46. — Compiled by Al Mascitti