September 28, 2020

1991-02-11 – The Courier Journal

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HOLLYWOOD — Roger Danny
is trying to interest former col-
league Pot. Townshond in an-
other Who reunion — without suc-

“He just won’t do it,” says Dal-
trey, who last played with his band-
mates a year and a half ago. “It’s
quite frustrating. The band, the
chemistry — it’s like finding the
perfect woman, marrying her, stay-
ing together for 25 years and then
she leaves you. Incredibly painful.”

As far as Daltrey is concerned,
“The Who should just keep playing,
keep doing our music. It’s our mu-
sic and nobody does it better. It
doesn’t have to be a message thing,
I don’t even think it’s important
that we do anything new — let’s
just play. We’re musicians, we com-
municate through music and we do
it very well and people enjoy it. I
sort of feel that’s what we were put
on this earth for.”

Though Daltrey isn’t giving up
on a Who reunion, he’s certainly
keeping busy on other fronts. He
expects to start work on a British
film, “The Last Straw,” with Ilay-
loy and Slr John Mills in March.
He has “Buddy’s Song,” a small
feature he produced and in which
he co-stars, due for release soon in
England. And he guests on Frida
night's episode of “Midnight Cal -


9090' ‘3le

“Believe it or not, I play a rock
singer who hasn’t made it,” Daltrey
says with a laugh. “He also has a
hard drug habit. It was a nice little
part, but I’m sure a lot of rock sing-
ers wouldn’t have taken it because
they wouldn’t have wanted to play
a failure.”

IF YOU ASK US: This will have
to go down as the season NBC tried
to prove how much of the public it
could fool much of the time by
larding its lineup with programs
that have been nothing more than
examples of shamefully blatant pro.

In November there was the
mega-hyped 200th episode of
“Cheers,’ filled with clips and a
watered—down discussion with the

altrey still pines for the Who

Erlc Roberts

nest (at least for the time being)
with her “Good Sports” series on
CBS, other former “Charlie’s An-
gels” are looking for berths as sit-
com leads. Jaclyn Smith says
she’s scouting for a situation com-
edy. And Cheryl Laud tells us
she’s talking to NBC about starring
in a weekly TV comedy, although
she stresses, “Our talks are still in
the preliminary stage.”

Both Smith and [add have more
than enough to keep themselves
busy as is, with active family lives
and active careers.

Smith, who stars in CBS’ March
3 “Lies Before Kisses” TV movie, is
developing “The Rape of Dr. Wil-
lis” as a TV movie in which she’ll