September 24, 2020

1993-04-13 – The News Leader

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Guitarist PETE TOWI-
SNEID is working on
“Tommy” -—— the rock
opera he composed in
1969 for the English
rock group the Who
which is now on Broad-
way. While Townshend
was recuperating from a
bike accident that smashed his arm, Pace Theatrical
Group tried again to get the rights to tour “Tommy.”
“For me it really is such an exciting thing to hap-
pen,” Townshend says, “partly because I’m so sure
that ‘Tommy’ is a good solid piece of work The work
we have done on it I think has revealed that there
was a very solid heart to it in the first place.” But
there’s a new ending for the 19905. Townshend says,
“At the end, he is off to restart his life. In these dark
days we have to be optimistic. We have to believe we
can start again and make this life work.” (AP)