September 24, 2020

1994-01-03 – The News Leader

1994 01 03 The_News_Leader_Mon__Jan_3__1994_

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For his first musical since
“The Who’s Tommy”
blazed its way to Broadw ,
composer PETE TOWNS“! D
is aiming high even as he
sets his budgets low. “The
Iron Man,” his new rock
opera showing in London,
draws on the theme of man
surviving the machine age. “It has those pretensions, ”
said Townshend, 48. “I’ve always been very comfortable
with the idea of pretentiousness; it seems to me that’s
what art most aggressively is about. ” Based on a chil-
dren’ s poem by Ted Hughes, “The Iron Man” pits an

earnest troupe of urban dwellers against the machine-
chewing Iron Man and the voracious Space-Bat—Angel-

Dragon. (AP)