September 24, 2020

1994-02-25 – The Cincinnati Enquirer

1994 02 25 The_Cincinnati_Enquirer_Fri__Feb_25__1994_

First ‘Tommy’
night canceled


The Cincinnati Enquirer

See me, feel me, touch me, heal
me — but not until Wednesday,
March 9. Tommy, the Broadway
smash that has sold out its Broad-
way Series run at the Taft The-
atre, will cancel its March 8 open-
ing because of a BO-plus hour
load-in time. The show also can-
celed its first scheduled perform-
ances earlier this season in Louis-

ville and Columbus.

Tuesday’s performance has
been rescheduled at 1 pm. Thurs-
day, March 10. The Broadway se—
ries is offering refunds, gift certifi-
cates and exchanges if possible —
but in a sell-out run, exchanges are
unlikely. “God knows if there were
anything we could do about it, we
would,” Broadway Series spokes-
man Dik Hatchell said.

Tommy, a staging of Pete
Townshend’s rock opera for The
Who, is the most technically com-
plex show on Broadway and nation-
al tour in its kaleidosc0pic telling of
the “deaf, dumb and blind kid”
whose pinball wizardry transforms
him into a pop icon. The show is
trucked between cities on Mon-
days. Travel time plus 31 hours of
set-up time “does not a Tuesday
opening make," Hatchell sighed.

Tommy producers will offer an
“edible apology" to ticket holders
who opt for the Thursday perform-
ance by way of a pre-performance
“free lunch” served at the Taft

Theatre. Information: 241-2345. ‘