September 24, 2020

1994-03-03 – The Advocate Messenger

1994 03 03 The_Advocate_Messenger_Thu__Mar_3__1994_

still rocks
at I

By ; ry Campbell

Ass, t ated Press Writer

.. W YORK (AP) -—
-'-‘0ger Daltrey. lead singer of
the Who for 20 years. turned
50 Tuesday. and he celebrat-
ed hig last week by doing
two concerts at Carnegie

At the first one, Daltrey 3
rocked the hall, in splendid" .
voice and looking fit, shew-
ing chest and arm muscles,
at the more than three-hour
concert. Behind him,
Michael Kamen conducted
an orchestra from the '
Juilliard School.

The evening, taped for a
pay-per-view special. was a
tribute to Pete Townshend.
guitarist, and composer in
the Who and one of the

The audience was in an
informal party spirit and
definitely not intimidatedby
Carnegie Hall. People booed
the arrival of Sinead
O’Connor, yelled messages
to Daltrey. jumped up
repeatedly in standing ova-
tions, roared with delight
when a guest occasionally
used profanity, danced in
place to rhythmic numbers.

Guests the Spin-Doctors
were followed by saxophon-
ist David Sanborn, Alice
CoOper, the waif-like Linda
Perry of F our Non-Blondes
and Lou Reed.