September 25, 2020

1995-03-01 – Detroit Free Press

1995 03 01 Detroit_Free_Press_Wed__Mar_1__1995_

Repackaging the Who

This week’s appearance of an ex-
panded version of the Who’s “Live at
Leeds” album is no isolated re-re-
lease, but rather the first entry in an
extensive issue of the legendary Brit-
ish band’s catalog. Guitarist Pete
Townshend, though he has no desire
to restart the band, says he now wants
to “concentrate my energies on get-
ting those original albums repack-
aged, so if you become a Who fan in
the next 10 years you'll be able to get
them with the original artwork and the
music remastered for the medium of
the day, which is digital. That inter-
ests me more than the idea of trying to

find new product.”
Next up is the May reissue of “The

Who Sell Out" and “A Quick One,”
and it’s possible a boxed set of Who
concert performances will appear as
part of the program.

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