September 21, 2020

1996-01-26 – The Central New Jersey Home News

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By B RIAN VOGER ()n the Go Correspondent

FOR John Entwistle. a Who reunion is “I20 per—
cent" out of the question. But that doesn't mean you won‘t get
to see the legendary Who bassist on stage. 0 "I try to tour once
a year." Entwistle. 51. tells PAGE X. "I still enjoy playing in front
of an audience more than anything else. Studios, to me, are a neces—
sary evil.“ 0 Entwistle and his touting band will come to Club
Bene. South Amboy‘ on Feb. I. In at least one sense, Entwistle
prefers the smaller venues he is now playing to the giant stadiums of

the Who's heyday. O "I love playing to people that are standing
in front of me. I feel very disconnected when the audience is 30

feet away." the bassist says. “I like them banging on the front
of the stage.“ 0 Entwistle first gained prominence when
the Who — guitarist Pete Townshond. Singer
Roger Daltrey. drummer Keith Moon and
—-—-—-—-’ Entwistle — formed in I964. The Who played
Townshend-penned rock anthems typified by
Daltrey‘s piercing vocals. Townshend‘s power chords. Moon‘s frenetic
rhythms and Entwistle’s virtuoso bass riffsi Moon died of a drug overdme in
l978: Faces drummer Konnoy Jones filled in for the Who‘s remainingy
years. 0 But Entwistle is looking forward. not buck On the horizon: "The Rock.”
his new limited—edition CD available only at his sh0w