September 18, 2020

1996-02-05 – Muncie Evening Press

1996 02 05 Muncie_Evening_Press_Mon__Feb_5__1996_

Look sharp, the mods are back

31' how: moms

- PARIS --'For once the mes~
gage for next autumn from men’s
' designers showing last weekend

. in Paris could not be clearer: the
. Mods are back. ' *

_ 531' The Who‘s Pete Townshend

'2 I e'iren did a turn on the catwalk

‘ fer Comme des Garcons, the

. Jnfluential JApanese label.

' The primary influence is early

of EurOpe. They’re making men’s
tailoring look young, modem and
eminently desirable.

Oa'wald Boateng, 28, created a

sensation at a packed show Fri-

day night with a collection
inspired by the James Bond
films. Boateng, who opened a
shop in London’s Savile Row last
year, has a trademark cut: high-
buttoning, long, fitted jackets in
an array of colors, reminiscent of

Mod sharp mum rather than the late Tommy Nutter, who

the later parka. British design-
ers set the direction for the rest

dressed mock stars in the ’603,
’70s and ’808.